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Donate a Warm Meal to a Local Person in Need from £5.00

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What does this offer include?


  • Buy a warm meal for a local vulnerable person in need 
  • Help the homeless charity who have seen unprecedented demand in their services this year due to the fall out of the pandemic with their resources having been depleted earlier this year 
  • Help the less fortunate in our community  
  • Local charity built up of volunteers
  • Our campaign is now in its fifth year and replies on your support
  • Based in the North East 

Fine Print:

  • Multiple purchases encouraged
  • Feel free to share this offer on social media also to help even more people in need 

The Offer

Our annual ‘Feed a friend for a fiver’ campaign is now live. Due to Covid it is not going to be possible this year to run the usual Christmas indoor event however this year, due to the consequential effects of the pandemic they need your help now more than ever.


The pandemic has caused a huge number of job losses which unfortunately looks only set to continue, it has shown us and given us a new appreciation on how close we all are to being homeless and reliance on food packages, it can happen to anyone.


If you have not seen out annual campaign before the Peoples Kitchen help any rough sleeper, homeless person or those at risk at becoming homeless and disadvantaged people who cannot make ends meet all without judgement. They are now supporting a lot of new people who have found themselves in a difficult financial position since Covid-19 which include many regular working class people who have their lives and never thought they would have to reply on this services with some of those in homes having to choose between food and warmth.


Due to this year the charity face a ‘significant demand' in services which only continues to grow. They ran through their now depleted reserves and face one of the most challenging periods they have ever had to face. The charity have noticed that usually it is one person who would use their service for and individual pack of food but that has changed to people needing a family pack to take home to their children and partner too.


The charity had to adapt during lockdown and since by delivering a takeaway service a service which is now averaging 150 warm meals every night.  They make weekly food parcels as well as supplying books, puzzles, games, craft packs and colouring books to help with loneliness isolation and boredom and the charity help those with mental health issues which has also seen a significant use in the services. 


Our campaign, now in its fifth year and relies on your support. Our aim has always been to give a Christmas meal however as this year is different for everyone. Your much needed donation (or donations if you are able to donate more than once) will this time help the charity provide warm meals and parcels on the winter run up all the way to Christmas Day, and beyond.


We have also added an option above so you can donate a fiver once a month, which may not sound a lot but will make a big difference to those in need in our community all year round! 


We are also looking for your help to grow our campaign and help as many people are possible in our local North East community.


Please contact us direct if you are fundraising for this great cause or if your business is able to get involved - message us at, we would love to hear from you.


Once you have donated Click here to share our campaign on social media to help both spread the message but encourage others to donate. Even if you are not in a position to donate yourself by sharing it will help this local cause have the biggest impact.


Stay tuned to our social media to see the total raised….



The Peoples Kitchen

Alison Centre,

56 Bath Lane,

Newcastle Upon Tyne



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  3. Your money will be send to the Peoples Kitchen straight away so they can prepare for Christmas
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