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North East Homeless - Christmas Meal from £4.99

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What does this offer include?


  • Buy a Local homeless or vulnerable local person a Christmas Dinner
  • Every donation gets a warm three course meal for a person in need this Christmas eve
  • Help the less fortunate in your area 
  • Give them what is likely the best gift they will get this Christmas
  • Local charity built up of volunteers
  • Based In Newcastle

Fine Print:

  • Multiple purchases encouraged
  • Donations must be made by 12.01am on Christmas eve otherwise will not be able to go to the total
  • Feel free to share this offer also to help even more people in need this Christmas

The Offer

North East Homeless are doing something EXTRA special for those in real need in our community this Christmas and you are able to help out with this amazing cause.


Central station in Newcastle are allowing their doors to be opened to allow a section of the station to be turned into an almost pop up restaurant for the homeless, vulnerable and those in real need. They will cater not only for those in Newcastle but anyone who need help. We are seeking help in the form of just a £5 donation(s) which will get an extra person a hot meal and drink at the tables within the roofed central station.


Give what is likely to be your most important and treasured Christmas gift you will give, all for the price of a coffee shop coffee, a drink in Newcastle or even instead of buying Christmas cards which are generally wasted and thrown straight out.


Last year this project helped over 200 people at the event and we are hoping with your support we can help even more get this amazing service. All staff on the day are volunteers and as well as the hot meals served there will be warm drinks as well as a choir providing the perfect ‘story book’ Christmas scene where people are in the company of others in similar situations as their own and often their friends giving them an early Christmas present that will likely be the highlight of their Christmas period.


No one should be cold, hungry and alone especially at Christmas. 


North East homeless support the community all year around with emergency on street support in various locations in the North East and will be widening their services both outreach and otherwise this upcoming year.


Over the past four years have raised nearly £150,000 for those in need in our area at Christmas time and we are privileged to be able to help this great cause.


Stay tuned to our social media on Facebook and Twitter on Christmas day to see images of where £5 went. Feel free to also share this offer on your social media to help those in need in our area. 


If you are in support of helping our locals in need and want to make their Christmas and are able to you can purchase more than once but be sure to give to this great local charity this year, if you are able......


Feel free also to tag us if you share on social media and we will spread your support to our following! 



How to Redeem:
  1. Click the 'Buy Now' button and include this offer in your purchase
  2. Receive your voucher via email
  3. Your money will be send to the charity straight away so they can prepare for Christmas eve
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