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North East Homeless - Help a Local Person in Need Renew from £4.99

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What does this offer include?


  • Help a local homeless or vulnerable local person this Christmas or all year around 
  • Every donation supports North East Homeless with their work they do all over the North East helping those in real need in our community
  • Help the less fortunate in our area 
  • Local charity built up of volunteers

Fine Print:

  • Multiple purchases encouraged
  • Feel free to share this offer also to help even more people in need 

The Offer

As with most of us Covid 19 has thrown major issues to our lives and spanners in our plans all throughout 2020. This is the same with the annual 3 course warm Christmas meal held at central station for North East Homeless. Central station are unable to host this year due to Covid.


North East Homeless however is not letting that spanner stop them from providing much needed Christmas joy to those in real need in our local community this Christmas. The charity and their volunteers will be out on Christmas day providing warm Christmas meals which to many will be the only Christmas gift that they receive. The meals will be a turkey or vegetarian Christmas dinner with all the trimmings prepared by their chief and volunteers at their Fish Quay Hub where they will also be serving food.


‘Every year we also give a xmas bag with practical but personal Xmas items for all our Street Friends’   Emma from the charity states.


Due to the charity has ‘significantly been unable to get out to fundraise’ throughout lockdown and for months of 2020 which has placed a strain on them.


She goes on to state ‘Due to Covid-19 we are seeing a significant increase in numbers and especially people who are new to the benefits system. People who have lost their jobs because of the impact of Covid-19 are very much in poverty and at risk of Homelessness. The face of homelessness is changing once again and we desperately need support to allow us to react to these changes and give practical, reactive and common sense support.’


North East Homeless work hard all year around providing survival equipment, homeless support, hot food and a chance to meet and talk with the outreach support across the region. This year more than ever they need help and support to enable their work to continue and help the vulnerable in our community and therefore we have introduced an option as well as a one off donation to make a small monthly donation to help all year round.  


Your fiver donations made prior the Christmas day will provide someone in real need a warm Christmas meal on Christmas day whereas monthly donations from Christmas will be able to provide the below…


  • A pair of thermal socks and gloves
  • A toiletry pack
  • A mental health chat either phone call or a face to face
  • A food parcel
  • 2 re-heatable meals made in the Hub
  • A Travel Pass for someone who needs support or access to training or work experience


Many people choose to donate top this great cause rather than by Christmas cards which are in the bin on boxing day but either way for the same price as a high street coffee you are able to make someone’s Christmas and beyond.


Your donation goes much further than just Xmas, they give people a future to reach their own potential.


Donate now and make someone’s Christmas….


As well as donations we are also looking for your help to grow our campaign and help as many people are possible in our local North East community.


Once you have donated Click here to share our campaign on social media to help both spread the message but encourage others to donate. Even if you are not in a position to donate yourself by sharing it will help this local cause have the biggest impact.


Stay tuned to social media on Christmas day to see the total raised and what your donations have enabled….



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