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Flight Simulator Experience from £29.00

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What does this offer include?


  • Choose to pilot a the hugely popular Boeing 737 airliner, the Spitfire plane or the many other simulators available 
  • Choice to fly anywhere in the world, from Newcastle upon Tyne or UK destinations to Hong Kong, Las Vegas and everywhere in between before coming into land
  • Choose between a number of different weather alternatives, from sunny to take in the hugely realistic sights or try landing in a heavy thunderstorm
  • 'Must try' once in a lifetime experience
  • Great for people of all ages, children or adults
  • Open 9:30am to 9pm, 7 days a week
  • Great gift Idea
  • Located near Newcastle Airport

Fine Print:

  • Subject to availability 
  • Over 8 years only, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult
  • Can multi-buy as gifts
  • Additional surcharge for weekend bookings
  • 24 hour cancellation/re-scheduling policy applies
  • Voucher must be used within 5 months of purchase

The Offer

For almost all of us flying a plane is a farfetched dream, getting to fly thousands of feet in the air enjoying both the view above and below. Well we have an ultimate experience for you, get behind an authentic flight simulator (the only one in the North East), choose to take off from Newcastle airport and take in all the local sights in the true scale simulator even flying above your own home or go for the exotic and choose some of the world’s top airports including Singapore, Munich, Heathrow, Bejing and many, many more….


No matter your age, gender or anything else this experience is for every member of the family. Guided by an experienced real life pilot throughout you will receive guidance and assistance throughout ensuring you are safe in the sky not to mention get the most from your experience, perfect for anyone with a fear of flying to assist overcoming your fear to teambuilding exercises to a great gift experience.


If you want to experience the thrill of flying yourself but without all the risks then it is guaranteed not to disappoint, with all the dials and controls of the real thing choose between a number of options and you can choose to fly a helicopter, a commercial Boeing 737, the world renowned spitfire or any of the other number of flight simulators, see below for the one you prefer.


 Get your voucher(s) now and get booked in…. 



737 Simulator

Take control of a big 70 tonne Boeing 737-800 holiday jet like a real captain and fly the most immersive flight simulator available!

The Boeing 737-800NG is the world’s leading twin-engine medium range passenger aircraft, every 3 seconds somewhere in the world a Boeing 737 takes off or lands! The NG (Next Generation) variant features a redesigned wing that is larger in area, with a wider wingspan and greater fuel capacity than a standard Boeing 737. It is equipped with CFM56-7 series engines, a glass cockpit, and features upgraded and redesigned interior configurations capable of carrying up to 189 passengers.

Our new for 2020, Boeing 737-800 with 4K visuals is a true 1:1 scale simulator with 100% functionality (no dummy gauges or switches) full “duel linked” controls, auto throttles, electric trims, stick shakers etc., This is the best airliner flight simulator experience in the North East of England if not Europe and the world!

This world class simulator along with our highly trained instructors (all of whom have significant real life flying experience including displaying and test flying military fast jets) receives regular 5 Star reviews and fantastic praise from our customers and professional pilots.



Top Gun Fighter

Do you feel the Need for Speed!! Then try our Top Gun Fighter Jet Experience – Guaranteed adrenaline and chills!

Launch from the aircraft carrier, fly air combat dogfights and aerobatic missions in our Supersonic F/A-18 Hornet Jet Fighter Flight Simulator, your flying instructor will guide you through a take-off and close formation flying followed by some aerobatic manoeuvres to acclimatise you to the g-force, and then you will be introduced to tail chasing and air combat against your opponent.

Manoeuvre your aeroplane to get on the bad guy’s tail. Once you’re in a firing position, squeeze the trigger – “guns guns guns!!” If you’re successful in shooting down the bandit, then it’s an obligatory cheer of “yeehah, jester’s dead” and back to the airfield for a flyby of the tower – assuming, of course, that the pattern is not full…!

This is the most advanced realistic air combat fast jet simulator using an all metal full size F/A-18 Hornet and is not available anywhere else in the UK! Using the latest hardware and software available as well as a 320 degree wrap around screen you’ll feel like you’re really there!

Supermarine Spitfire MKIX

Take control of the most famous fighter of World War 2 the Supermarine Spitfire in this totally unique experience, you are as close to flying the real aircraft as you can get! Just flying the spitfire is a challenge in itself yet alone engaging in Air to Air or Air to Ground combat. Spitfires are notoriously tricky to handle on the ground, but an absolute dream to fly in the air.


These flying sessions will give you an amazing insight into the skill and workload involved in piloting such an incredible war bird. With so much power in that supercharged engine and the weight of the aircraft, just keeping her flying straight and level is a challenge.


Messerschmitt BF109K

The Messerschmitt 109K Flight Simulator is just like our Spitfire Simulator the two go hand in hand together. The BF109 was the main aircraft for the German Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain and was a favourite with the Luftwaffe fighter aces like Adolf Josef Ferdinand Galland. The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was a single seat German fighter plane from 1930 until 1940 (Superseded by the FW-190). The aircraft was a complete new generation of fighter aircraft with a closed canopy, retractable gear, monoplane technology and full metal construction.



Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter 

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter Flight Simulator is a “one-of-a-kind” which has been “reborn” and converted into a realistic flight simulator using a real Bell 206 Jet Ranger Helicopter fuselage. It offers an incredibly realistic experience of what it is like to fly a real helicopter in any weather.


It features an original Jet Ranger 206 cockpit which is perfect for helicopter flight conversion training or simply a nice pleasure flight around New York or Dubai (The choice is yours!). You will be fully immersed by the 4K, 300 degree wrap around visuals which cover every window of the aircraft making the excellent real world visuals come alive! You can fly from anywhere in the world and all at a fraction of the cost of flying a real helicopter.



Piper PA28 Cherokee 

The Piper PA-28 Cherokee Flight Simulator is a “one-of-a-kind” which has been “reborn” and converted into a realistic flight simulator using a real Piper PA-28 aircraft fuselage G-ATOL. It offers an incredibly realistic experience of what it is like to fly a real light aircraft in any weather.


It features a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit which is perfect for modern flight conversion training (a standard instrument 6 pack is also available, sometimes called “Steam” gauges) you will be fully immersed by the 4K, 320 degree wrap around visuals which covers every window of the aircraft, excellent real world visuals for “bashing the circuit”. The simulator can also be setup as an advanced twin light aircraft for those wishing to have a little more speed and power or to practice asymmetric power failures and she also makes for an excellent “complex” conversion training platform for more advanced users who can learn about Variable Pitch Propellers (constant-speed propellers), Lean and Rich of Peak operations and Retractable Landing Gear all at a fraction of the cost of real flying.



Battle of Britain Experience (2 person)

Bring a friend and fly together in both the Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt BF109K, engage in Air to Air combat where the Spitfire and Messerschmitt are linked together, you will be guided by your instructor towards each other and then it’s up to you to engage in Air to Air combat and compare who got the most “kills”. This is a unique experience offered by the Flight Simulation Centre – Newcastle, so don’t delay SCRAMBLE SCRAMBLE, SCRAMBLE!! It’ll be a fight to the bitter end.



Brunswick Industrial Estate
Unit 5,
Gibson House,
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE13 7GB

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